A cup of tea

A cup of tea

A cup of tea,

And just you and me.

You are not mine,

I am not yours.

It’s now just two souls.

A sip of your,

Then a sip of mine.

This cycle for while

Made us unite.

You held my hand ,

This giving me ignite.

You have no words,

I’m feeling this sense.

The way you looking at me,

Now love is flowing,

Only through lip and eyes.

Pc: Google ©Anurag

Sometimes I think !!!

sometimes I think.
I wish I shouldn’t have met you.
then I don’t go through this kind of pain.
that loneliness.
getting angry at small matters.
talking about you to every person’s.
That irritation.
Being alone in the crowd of people.
Trying to be with you every moment in my dreams.
But again I think.
If I don’t meet you.
Then I would never know.
What makes me happy and gives me inner peace.
What is the real meaning of love and relationships.

Sometimes I think .
A gentle push is required to move towards our goal even by our beloved one.

Sometimes I think.
If you love someone. keeping them free is the right way to love them.

Sometimes I think.
Achieving is not the purpose of love.
sacrificing makes it beautiful.



She is sitting with me in the moon light. My head is in her lap.

I can see her beautiful face shining like silver in the moonlight night.

Her eyes look like a shining star.

I can feel the softness of her silky loose hair.

She is looking like an angel.

Her soft fingers are touching my hairs.

Oh! Suddenly I felt a drop of tear on my cheek rolled through her wet eyes.

I just looked in her eyes .

She said innocently……

Why can’t we live together.

I had no answer as usual.

I could see her questionnaire face .

I hold her hand in love and asked her.

Can u stay with me like this forever?

She said slowly looking into my eyes.

I’m always with you even you don’t know.”

Oh! What happened all of a sudden.

Oh! I came out of my dream.

Oh ! My love I know you’re not here.

My mind knows all the realities.

But my heart does’t believe it .

It tries to find you in the soul of the world.

My heart believes that one day you and me will be together forever !!!



You are the moon of light ,

In the dark night.

You are the branch of cold shade ,

In the full afternoon.

You are the soft touches of slow wind,

In the hot summer .

You are the edge of lightning ,

In the rainy thunder .

You are the First spray of the monsoon,

which relieve the spirit.

You are the First rain ,

Which gives pleasant earthy smell.

You are the string of the rhythm,

Of that chanting waterfall.

You are the rose of a beautiful garden ,

that spreads fragrance.

I can’t compare you ,

You are beyond my thinking .

You are the one ,

Who represents all Nature .


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