इज़हार !

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था इश्क उनको भी ,
इज़हार हम ही करते रहे,
हमें पता भी न चला,
यूं खामोशी से ,वो प्यार करते रहे


EasyS0ch #4

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The most difficult task in life is to take decisions. It can be a big or small decision.
When we are at that point of life where we have to choose one of the various available options. And those available options have their advantages and disadvantages. Then it’s become very tough.

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Conflict occurs when we have to choose one of two or more similar options. We must calm down before making any decision at this point. We should try to analyze the situation and try to understand the good and bad sides of every decision.

If you want to make a specific decision then you should try to see the best and worst situation that can happen with that decision.
After analyzing every possible aspect of the available options, you should try to understand that if you are prepared for both good and bad situation to make a decision, choose it otherwise leave it.

And another phase comes. When we are caught in a dilemma and do not have much information about the situation for which we are going to take decision.
In this case try to get the appropriate information from the right source, and try to analyze this information with your current situation and then go for any decision.

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And finally, after analysis, just make a decision according to your situation, don’t think too much about it.
It may be a good or bad decision but you are already prepared for both.
Being prepared here means that you can handle the worst situation physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

One more thing we should keep in mind while making any decision, never ask anyone what you should do. They don’t know you, more than you. You can simply take their views and experiences into a particular decision.


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